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Wellness Through Alternative Therapies

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Ancient healers understood that the human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. The innovative therapies these healers used, which we now consider to be “alternative therapies,” were designed to assist the body in holistic healing by unblocking and rebalancing energy to promote vitality and overall wellness.

Better Health Through Ancient and Modern Wellness Practices

The alternative therapies utilized by OM Center of Healing offer holistic healing based upon the wisdom of ancient healing practices. These therapies work with the body’s own natural ability to promote healing and overall wellness. And they treat the body, mind, and spirit as a whole, so all of the body’s systems are in balance and functioning optimally so you feel your best.

Minnesota’s 1st Harmonic Egg Location

The Harmonic Egg energy healing therapy is a modern application of ancient wisdom. This unique chamber uses light and sound to unblock or rebalance life energy and puts you in a state of deep relaxation. Your sessions are customized to your unique needs and the areas of your health you wish to focus on.

Ayurvedic Alternative Therapies

We also employ the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda, the science of life. Our Ayurvedic consultations guide clients to better health through changes in diet and lifestyle, and the use of plant medicine and meditation. We follow up with you after your initial consultation to keep you on track and moving towards better health.

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“I haven’t felt this good in SOOOOOOOOO Long! I’ve heard people talking about finding their center, but now I really understand what they’re talking about. My joints feel better, my back doesn’t hurt as much and even my pet allergies have really improved. I feel like I can breathe again!”

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