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Energy Healing Tools and Wellness Products

OM Center of Healing Recommends the Following Products to Our Clients:

VitaJuwel products
VitaJuwel is the modern interpretation of age-old traditions. Wise women and men have been vitalizing their water with gemstones for thousands of years. Only now has VitaJuwel updated these traditions with a contemporary, sophisticated approach. VitaJuwel provides premium glassware with carefully selected, holistic crystal blends to breathe life into the water you drink.
Superieur Electrolytes is the only electrolyte drink mix on the market that uses actual plant extracts and sea minerals vs. lab-made electrolyte alternatives. The pH-balanced sources provide a noticeable benefit in hydration and immunity. A refreshing elixir with real Vitamin C and Bamboo stem extract, which is an anti-aging antioxidant vital to healthy skin, hair, & nails. ZERO sugar!
Superieur electrolytes
harmonic egg

Books: The Ancient Secrets to Healing by Gail Lynn

Music: Wellness Tracks Harmonic Egg Music for Sale

harmonic egg book and music
energy healing tools
Harmonic Egg Therapy
3D Digital Aura Readings

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