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Answers to Your Questions About Bio Energy Therapy and OM Center of Healing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of OM Center of Healing?

We know that good health is the foundation for a good life. In our experience, building good health through holistic therapies offers the best opportunity to be successful. By healing body, mind and spirit, clients can create a life that they can genuinely enjoy. Our goal is to provide access to alternative therapies, the latest energy healing therapies and the guidance needed to achieve true health and wellness.

What is Energy Therapy?

Energy therapy or energy medicine is a form of alternative medicine that seeks to channel the body’s vital energy, rebalance it, and unblock it. The science behind energy therapy suggests that it works on the energy fields of the body that organize and control cellular growth and repair.

There are several modalities used as energy therapy. We find that the Harmonic Egg is an especially effective tool for energy therapy because it does not rely on the spiritual strength of a human “therapist.” By relying on the unique chamber, our Harmonic Egg clients receive a consistent experience that is easily repeatable. The Harmonic Egg uses the wisdom of ancient medicine, sacred geometry, and cutting-edge technology to balance the Autonomic Nervous System, detox the body, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and clear trauma at a cellular level.

How does the construction of the Harmonic Egg contribute to its effectiveness?

The Harmonic Egg is designed as a sacred geometric chamber that uses sound and light therapy with a resonant frequency to move and/or re-route blocked energy.

  • It is made of natural wood to enhance the resonance within the chamber.
  • The Harmonic Egg provides a consistent experience for the client. However, the technician can customize the therapy to the needs of the client by adjusting the type of music and the light intensity and color.
  • The Harmonic Egg uses a sophisticated sound system and proprietary music composed and produced with maximized resonance and optimized frequencies.
  • The Harmonic Egg is not software-driven and does not incorporate bluetooth or wireless technologies. The Harmonic Egg is completely natural and safe.
What is a typical Harmonic Egg session? How many sessions will I need to see results?

A Harmonic Egg session is 50 minutes. Each session consists of 40 minutes of music followed by 10 minutes of silence. Some clients may experience positive results with a single session. For most clients,  3 – 10 weekly or bi-weekly sessions may be needed to hold the cell memory/nervous system reset. We offer packages of multiple sessions and annual memberships which provide savings over the single session pricing.

What do I wear for a Harmonic Egg session?
Plan to dress comfortably when visiting the OM Center of Healing. We also ask you to refrain from wearing any perfumes or colognes. All metal, including jewelry must be removed for the session. Pacemakers and implanted metal are permissible. We suggest you be prepared to relax during your session. It doesn’t matter whether a person sleeps, and it doesn’t matter if your eyes are open or closed.
What do clients experience within the Harmonic Egg?

It is probably fair to say that each client experiences the Harmonic Egg in his or her own way. Most report that they experience healing on many levels—emotionally, physically, and spiritually. For many, it is a consciousness-raising experience that increases creative thought and helps them heal from past traumas and limiting thoughts.

How does the music used in the Harmonic Egg contribute to its therapeutic effectiveness?

Music has long been used in therapies of various kinds. Much of the music used by the Harmonic Egg was composed and produced specifically for this device. Researchers, including Kay Gardner, author of The Inner Landscape, have identified the following:

  • Piano can be used to bring the nervous system into balance.
  • Drumming is used to build the immune system and is highly effective for Parkinson’s, MS, etc.
  • Flute is used for anger issues, gout, sciatica, insomnia
  • Bells may bring the heart chakra into balance. They are also believed to be helpful for high blood pressure, asthma, apnea, heart and lung problems, breast cancer, allergies, fear of intimacy, low vital energy, and adrenal fatigue.
  • The harp may be used for depression.
  • Violin may be used for tumors, etc.
  • Nature sounds may work on the DNA.

 For those clients who are interested in incorporating the Harmonic Egg’s music in their daily lives, OM Center for Healing sells CDs and flash drives of this proprietary music for home use.

How is Ayurveda complementary to the Harmonic Egg?

Both Ayurveda and Harmonic Egg energy therapy are based on the principle that physical and emotional illness is caused by an imbalance or blockage of energy in the human body. When the flow of energy within a person is balanced, the body’s natural defense systems will be strong enough to defend against disease and bring about healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Ayurveda focuses on maintaining wellness and positive energy through lifestyle, diet and sometimes the utilization of plant medicine. For Ayurvedic clients, the Harmonic Egg can further strengthen wellness and healing by working directly on the body’s energy pathways.

What happens in a typical Ayurvedic consultation?

You will be asked to share your health history and any health challenges you now experience. We want to know how these challenges are preventing you from living the life you would like to lead. We will ask questions, perform an observation and a pulse analysis to determine your dosha or natural mind-body type. Then we will provide action items based upon your unique dosha. These could include lifestyle changes, nutritional goals, routines and self-care to bring the whole body into balance.

What is the role of yoga in Ayurveda?

Yoga is a separate but intertwined healing discipline that comes from the same Asian Vedic tradition as Ayurveda. All Vedic spiritual practice involves some type of yoga practice or meditation.

Yoga is not a medical therapy, but rather a way to regain spiritual balance. OM Center of Healing offers yoga classes along with other health and wellness classes to help our clients achieve better health holistically.

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