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The Harmonic Egg: Wellness from Within

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The Harmonic Egg℠ is a unique, patented chamber that unblocks and re-balances your body’s life energy. It utilizes the science of bio-resonance to promote mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

Constructed using the principles of sacred geometry, the Harmonic Egg employs the energy of light, color, and sound frequencies as a catalyst for holistic healing within the body.

Energy Healing Within the Harmonic Egg

energy healing with the harmonic egg

Within the chamber, energy resonance is amplified, and the body’s own healing energy is activated. Our clients have experienced relief from physical, spiritual, and emotional conditions.

Using energy to stimulate the body’s ability to heal has been used since ancient times. Asian healing modalities like acupuncture, yoga and Qigong are all based on the theory that illness is the result of blockages or imbalances in the body’s life energy. Like these ancient practices, the Harmonic Egg works to unblock that energy or re-balance it so you can reach your full potential.

Now featuring 2 Harmonic Eggs to assist on your personal wellness journey!

“Since I was about 5 years old, I have worn a pair of glasses called pain. That is how I describe my childhood. Never removed or any relief. Since my visit to the Harmonic Egg, I have come to realize the glasses are gone. After returning home, I had more strength, and something was different. Colors were brighter, I appreciated my surroundings more. The realization was gradual, gentle, until last night when I realized the glasses were gone for the first time in 72 years!”


The Harmonic Egg Experience

Within the Harmonic Egg, the client reclines in a zero-gravity chair while music and colored lights provide vibration frequencies. The highly resonant chamber delivers a sound and light therapy that envelops the client. Using bio-resonance, the client is guided to a state of supreme relaxation that many have likened to achieving “shavasana” in yoga. This relaxed state allows our minds to become more calm and clear and our bodies to reset.

For those that aren’t able to visit us at the center, we also offer remote Harmonic egg sessions.

The Harmonic Egg is made of wood and is completely natural and safe. Because your visit is not dependent upon the emotional or physical strength of you or the provider, the sessions are consistent and repeatable. In our experience, the benefit of the Harmonic Egg therapy can be expected to be felt most significantly within 5 to 7 days.

energy healing
Stress/Anxiety Relief
Injury/Pain Recovery
Illness/Disease Healing
Spiritual Health & Wellness

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