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Alternative Therapies for Pain and Injury Relief

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alternative therapies for pain

Live Without Limitations

Pain and injuries can lead to the most debilitating changes in lifestyle and quality of life. OM Center of Healing wants to help you to enjoy a pain-free life to reach your full potential.

The Harmonic Egg has proven to be a source of holistic healing and pain relief for many clients. Since pain is a symptom and a warning signal from the brain, pain relief comes when the brain is no longer triggered to produce pain.

“I believe my healing was accelerated from doing sessions in the Harmonic Egg. Six days after knee replacement surgery I had no appetite and was still feeling under anesthesia. I went in for a Harmonic Egg session and a few hours later had an appetite for the first time since surgery. Lots of inflammation was reduced too. I did one session a week after that until week 6 after the surgery. I was able to stop using the walker and cane after 3.5 weeks.” BILL

The energy therapy provided by the Harmonic Egg calms the nervous system and allows the body to begin the process of healing. Our clients also have seen improvements such as significant pain relief, faster recovery and a reduction in inflammation after utilizing this therapy. This is because the harmonics of light and sound within the Harmonic Egg envelop the body and allow it to tap into its own sources of healing energy.

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alternative therapies for pain
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