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Welcome to the OM Center of Healing, Twin Cities Home of the Egg!

January 28, 2021

COVID has been crazy.  No way around it, it has taxed even the most practiced, balanced and centered of individuals.  It has left a wake of underlying nervous tension, apathy and confusion in its wake, and the daily uncertainty continues.

When COVID-19 started, I was among the part of the population that was forced to stop everything. For the first time in 30 years, it was impossible to check off all or even some of my tasks on my daily lists.  It was horribly terrifying listening to the news. Suddenly, everything was put into perspective and people were sick or dying and no longer just running through their days. On the flip side, I was quietly relieved that the rest of the world had to stop too, that we were all in the same boat and nothing was getting done anywhere…so I had no choice but to STOP.

I had been in my fantastically-able-to-juggle-everything-Mom mode, multiple jobs and meetings, full time school, ridiculous family schedules and activities that have become standard and all too common for people today. While everyone was staring down the barrel of the great unknown, I experienced the first half of March in a funk. As the month progressed, I realized I was slowly unwinding in the quietness of the forced stop.  Perhaps, even, becoming more peaceful and in search of, dare I dream it, a balanced life.

As April approached and it became apparent this was not going to be a brief hiatus, I began streaming as much Gaia TV, YouTube and Netflix that I could consume.  I had daily discussions with my bestie about the multiple pearls of wisdom that I had unearthed.  Every morsel led me to the next question about my entire existence, from my childhood and family past, to the pursuit of my soul purpose. 

My schooling in Ayurveda had been the perfect culmination to a lifetime of observing alternative healthcare wrapped up with many years of seeking for loved ones and their health battles.  While in school, I realized that the knowledge and information has always been out there, that it had taken many forms and been labeled with countless re-branding strategies, but all roads lead back to the fact that we all have the power to heal ourselves.  The root of it. The power is within us.  

Curiously, an interview popped up on my Gaia TV feed; Regina Meredith’s show Open Minds and the Frequencies of Healing with Gail Lynn, Harmonic Egg Inventor. I sat mesmerized listening to what this incredible woman had created.  She combined the ancient principles and knowledge of color and sound healing and incorporated Tesla’s theory of 3,6, & 9, Quantum Physics and Sacred Geometry to create a new technology.  Everything changed for me, I became obsessed, I just kept saying, to all who were near me, “I need an Egg”, “I have to have an Egg”, “Did I tell you about the Egg?”, “I’m getting an Egg.” 

Fast forward 6 months, the Egg is here and people are beginning to experience this wonderful technology. I’ve heard so many wonderful and different things from each and every person that has experienced the Harmonic Egg.  Most often, I hear that it is “indescribable”, or it is so “subtle”, and it is “really cool!”. When I follow up with my clients post- session, I hear more has come up for them in the days following, that they are calmer, they aren’t as triggered, they can really breathe, or they slept really well for the first time in ages. If you’ve ever tried to meditate, or have had sporadic attempts at meditation, this beautiful chamber may help you find your meaning of “centered” and all you have to do is relax and experience it.

I personally have released stuck emotions, let go of that unidentified feeling gnawing at my gut, and perhaps, just a bit, found compassion for myself in multiple ways.  In December, I had gotten deep puncture wounds on my knee that healed in record time, my 18-year battle with sciatica is markedly improved.  It has been a great experience thus far, and I am now in process of starting a deep dive into my auto-immune and hormone issues.

In a nutshell, the Harmonic Egg is a chamber that uses bio resonance to improve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It uses the energy of light, color and sound frequencies to calm the nervous system and aid in your body’s ability to heal.  At the time of writing this blog, there are only 23 centers in the US, and now it is here! 

My vision for the OM Center of Healing is to have a place where all who enter become peaceful, hopeful and empowered in their wellness journey.  We are currently offering Harmonic Egg sessions and Ayurvedic Consultations via Zoom.  As COVID-19 loosens up, in the Spring, I plan to have all types of classes, events and workshops.  I’m so excited to meet you all and to continue down this amazing path!

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